• Add Friends: Players can add each other to their Friend Lists.
  • Invite Friends: Each player has a unique invitation code. Successfully inviting friends rewards the player with Free Spins and Gold.
  • Shop: Purchase welfare packages using $PBT.
  • Daily Rewards: Players receive different rewards each day they log in, with the rewards resetting every week.
  • Quests: Complete Daily and Weekly Quests to earn rewards.
  • History: Players can review their attack history, instances of being attacked, and raid history.
  • News: Players can access this section for important updates and announcements about Pirate Battle, including events, upgrades, and more.

Please note: The info outlined in this page pertain to the Alpha Mainnet Version. For details on adjustments made to mechanics, parameters, and prices in the Testnet and Beta Versions, please refer to the Testnet-only Configurations page.