Short Gameplay Demo

Game Description

Pirate Battle is an arcade adventure that takes gaming to new heights with Web3 technology, offering players an immersive journey into a captivating pirate-themed virtual world. At its core, the game centers around spinning a prize wheel, providing a unique Play-to-Earn experience in a 3D environment. Players take on the role of pirates on a quest for gold, $PBT Tokens, and revenge as they conquer exotic islands.
The game is introduced as a browser extension designed to connect with X.

Social Interactions as a Foundation

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In Pirate Battle, social interactions are integral to the gaming experience. Players can connect with friends and global players through X, engaging in strategic attacks on their islands or attempting to pilfer their cash. Infused with simple emotions like anger, happiness, and triumph, the game delivers straightforward yet interactive gameplay, ensuring an engaging experience for all players.