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Testnet $PBT and $ETH Faucet

Testnet $ETH is required to cover gas fees for obtaining testnet $PBT from the Faucet. Players can collect up to 5,000 $PBT per day using the Faucet within the Pirate Battle Extension.
To obtain Testnet $ETH, there are two methods:
  1. Within the Pirate Battle Extension (once per account).
  1. Through Ancient8. (refer to this guide)

Points & Top Activity Leaderboard

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The Testnet version features an off-chain Point system to encourage users to explore all the core features of the game. By engaging in certain in-game activities, users will receive Points and climb ranks on the Top Activity Leaderboard. This, in turn, will make them eligible for additional rewards.

Point System Breakdown

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Earn Points and climb ranks by engaging in activities including:
  • 05 Points | Spinning the Slot Machine
  • 05 Points | Spinning the Lucky Wheel
  • 10 Points | Upgrading your Island Tier
  • 10 Points | Upgrading Island Structures
  • 20 Points | Attacking opponent’s islands
  • 20 Points | Stealing loot from rivals
  • 30 Points | Withdrawing tokens from your Treasury

Testnet Rewards

By climbing the Top Activity Leaderboard, users may become eligible for the following additional rewards:
  • Rank 1–100: A Tier 2 Island NFT
  • Rank 1–500: Early Beta Access

For detailed parameters and mechanics in the testnet version, proceed to Testnet-only Configurations.

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