Testnet-only Configurations

The testnet version reflects the concepts of the Beta and Alpha Mainnet versions but introduces adjusted prices, mechanics, and parameters for specific aspects of the game. Some features remain inactive during this phase, and prices, parameters, and mechanics may vary across different phases to enhance user experience and align with project objectives. Here are the key adjustments made specifically for the Testnet phase:
Note: All $PBT prices are denoted in testnet $PBT.

Slot Machine

  • Spin Price: 20 $PBT/Spin

Lucky Wheel

  • Players receive 1 Free Spin daily.
  • Extra Spins: 100 $PBT
  • Purchased Spins offer better rewards compared to Free Spins.

Withdrawing $PBT from Treasury (Clam)

Players can withdraw 30% of the total amount stored in their Treasury (Clam) after successfully defending their Island for 3 consecutive days.

Reward for Destroying other Player’s Island

Upon successfully destroying an opponent’s Island through Attacks, players receive 30% of the total $PBT amount from the opponent’s Treasury, which is then added to the attacker’s Treasury.

Reward for ‘Steal’

When triggering ‘Steal’ from the Slot Machine, players choose one of three islands and acquire 10-40% of the current Gold balance from the owner of the chosen island.

Attacking a friend in your in-game Friend List

Players can initiate an Attack on a Friend within their Friend list without limitations on the number of attacks.

Shop Prices

  • 5 Attack Turns: 800 $PBT
  • 500,000 Gold: 400 $PBT

Social Activities on X


Players receive one of the following rewards by clicking on the Gift icon:
  • 5 Free Spins
  • 5 Attack Turns
  • 1 Shield
  • 20,000 Gold
The Gift icon reappears every 20 minutes on X.


Clicking on the Attack icon allows players to launch 1 Attack turn on an X user who is also a Pirate Battle player. After an Attack, the victim's Island is protected for 1 hour to prevent coordinated attacks.

Social Task

By clicking on this icon, players must interact with the post under which the icon appears, specifically leaving a comment with a #PirateBattle hashtag. Upon completion, players receive one of the following rewards:
  • 5 Free Spins
  • 5 Attack Turns
  • 1 Shield
  • 20,000 Gold
The Social Task icon reappears every 20 minutes on X.

Other Features

Enabled Features:
  • Quests
  • Daily Rewards
Un-enabled features:
  • Referral (Invite Friends) (coming soon in Testnet)
  • Transfer of NFT Islands (coming soon in Beta)
  • Transfer of testnet $PBT Tokens
  • History
  • News
  • Guild