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An 'island' is an NFT that serves as the player's base or territory, encompassing activities such as structure upgrading, resource gathering, and engaging in attacks and defense against other players.
  • The island's Tier is dependent the structure's level.
  • Progression requires upgrading the structures.
  • Gold is consumed for Island structure upgrades.

Levels & Tiers

The island consists of five structures: Background, Ship, House, Pet, and Decoration.
  • Upgrading all structures to the maximum level is necessary for an island Tier upgrade.
  • Structure health points increase as players level up and increase the Island Tier.
  • Higher island Tiers provide more Shield slots for players:
Island Tier
Shield Slots
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5

Repairs & Taking Revenge

Use Gold to restore the building's health.
In the History section, there is an option for Revenge, allowing players to immediately retaliate if an Attack is available.

Please note: The info outlined in this page pertain to the Alpha Mainnet Version. For details on adjustments made to mechanics, parameters, and prices in the Testnet and Beta Versions, please refer to the Testnet-only Configurations page.