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The Slot Machine is a central element in gameplay, providing substantial rewards through $PBT as payment. Offering complete randomness, it adds excitement to the overall gameplay and in-game competitions.
  • Players earn Gold by spinning the Slot Machine, with a chance for a significant MEGA WIN.
  • More importantly, participants can engage in activities like Attacks and Steals triggered by the Slot Machine, offering Gold & $PBT rewards.
  • As players spend $PBT for Spins, the majority of this amount will be added to the player's Treasure, while the remains are contributed to the development team.
Players receive a complimentary Free Spin every hour.


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  • Multiply the value of your rewards up to x10.
  • The amount of $PBT Tokens paid for a Spin is also multiplied by the same amount.
  • Rewards affected by the multiplier: Gold, Free Spin, Steal.


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  • To activate Auto-spin, simply hold the 'Spin' button.

Rewards & Activation of Special Modes


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  • Shoot one round at a time, selecting 5 positions on the island to target.
  • Gold rewards are earned for attacking and destroying a structure on the island.
  • Successfully destroying a whole island grants the attacker a portion of the total treasure owned by the attacked player. This reward is in form of $PBT.
Note: If a player attempts an Attack without meeting the minimum requirements, the Attack is stored. Once the conditions are met, the player can launch Attacks based on the accumulated stored attempts.


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  • Shield safeguards a player's island during each Attack.
  • Each player starts with a maximum of 3 default Shield slots when their island is at Tier 1.
  • The number of available Shield slots increases as the island tier rises.
  • Losing 1 Shield is incurred with each attack.
  • Attacking a protected target results in NO Gold collection.
  • If a player's Treasure is preserved in defense for a number of consecutive days, players can withdraw a portion of the total stored Treasure value.


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  • Stealing is unaffected by Shields.
  • From three islands, players choose one to raid, receiving Gold as a reward.
  • The stolen Gold amount is random and depends on the target island's Gold balance.


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  • Gold is utilized for Island upgrades.
  • Users can receive Gold rewards across 3 tiers based on their luck, including a MEGA PRIZE reward for exceptionally fortunate individuals.

Free Spins:

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  • Earn varying amounts of Free Spins with values of 1, 2, and 5.
  • Players can accumulate and store up to a maximum of 50 Free Spins.

Please note: The info outlined in this page pertain to the Alpha Mainnet Version. For details on adjustments made to mechanics, parameters, and prices in the Testnet and Beta Versions, please refer to the Testnet-only Configurations page.